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Beautiful Struggle Clothing was founded in 2018, a project to raise awareness of Mental Illness and to bring people closer together. 


"Hi! It's so lovely of you to pass through here to find out more about Beautiful Struggle Clothing.


I'm Natasha but most of those who know me call me Tash. I've been a sufferer of Depression & Anxiety between the ages of 13-19 years old, during this time I also lost a dear friend to suicide in 2007 which was absolutely devastating.

In 2017 at 28 years old, I relapsed back into Depression after an emotionally abusive relationship which triggered a lot of emotional turmoil from my teenage years. It took me 2 years to finally manage it and have it under control again. During my recovery, the fruits of 'Beautiful Struggle' began too come to life, that's what MMXVIII (2018) means, the year I started writing everything down for this project. I want to inspire people, I just want someone to look at me, look at others who have overcome the dark hole and say “Because of you, I didn’t give up.” It’s been a long journey, but it’s safe to say I’m in a much better place mentally, physically and spiritually.


A big thank you to my family and friends who were there for me during the darkest moments of my life, and a thank you to you - for supporting this new venture in my life."
My in-depth REALtalk interview is coming soon here.


Beautiful Struggle Clothing is more than 'just' a clothing line. It is a
safe haven where we can unite together to fight against the negative stigma that lies around Mental Illness. We value every bodies stories, as each individual is unique - we want to hear about your stories and shine light upon them into the world to inspire, motivate and help others to make them aware that they are not alone. All profits received will be recycled back into Beautiful Struggle Clothing to continue raising awareness.

Beautiful Struggle is our story.

Together we will fight the battle.

Together we will refuse to sink.

You are not alone.